Financial Advice

Financial Advice (or Financial Planning) is very much about the big picture and securing your financial future.

It is a very personalised service that involves firstly getting a full understanding of your situation and your goals and objectives and then strategising and planning on how you can achieve these. As your circumstances and financial position changes so can the advice and strategies which is why it is important to us to build ongoing relationships with you and constantly be looking to the future on how we can better improve your position.

For most, receiving full financial advice will involve employing a combination of the services we have listed in order to ensure you are secured in all areas of your financial life and so you can concentrate on growing your wealth and protecting it. Which ones you need or which ones will benefit you will depend on your personal circumstances which is why the most important part of the financial advisory process is getting to know you and understand what it is you want to achieve.

At Wealthlife Solutions our goal when it comes to financial advice is simple:

  •  Grow Wealth
  • Protect Wealth
  • Minimise Tax

To do this, we will generally undertake the following process when preparing a  financial plan for you:

  • Meet with you to get an understanding of all the facts concerning your financial situation
  •  Discuss with you what your goals are and what you want to achieve. We will make sure these are achievable and realistic and work with you on developing these
  •  Analyse your financial position and situation and develop a financial plan for you that outlines the strategies, investments and tools that we believe will be the most effective and efficient way for you to achieve your goals
  • Present our Financial Plan to you
  • Implement the Financial Plan and establish any investments, insurances or strategies for you
  • Provide you an ongoing service to monitor and review the Financial plan and any associated investments for you and ensure that your financial plan is constantly updated to adjust for any changes in your personal situation, financial position or changes in financial markets and the economy

For more information on how these can benefit you or what this can mean for you contact us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our financial consultants!