Business Expenses Insurance

Business expense insurance is much like income protection but it focuses on covering business expenses rather than income in the event you are incapacitated or disabled. For many business owners they have regular commitments such as wages, loan repayments, equipment repayments etc. which require the business to be earning an income in order to be paid. In the event you are unable to work business expense insurance ensures these commitments are still met for a specified period time. It is highly valuable to those individuals who operate a business that depends on them or their services, as the business would potentially be unable to continue should something happen to that person, yet the commitments would still be there.

Business Risk and Keyman Insurance (For those in business)

Do you run a business with partners or key employees? Have you ever thought of the financial impact of those key people becoming temporarily or permanently disabled or becoming deceased? Keyman insurance is a form of structuring Life insurances policies in a way that protects you and your business from the financial impacts of losing a key person in the business. For instance, where you have business partners, keyman insurance is an effective way to buyout your partners share in the business should something happen to them otherwise you may find yourself without a way to fund a buyout or in business with their relatives. Having the right structures and insurance policies in place can assist with protecting you, your business and your family from these circumstances where you have key people in the business.

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